Innovative E-Powertrain & Infotainment Systems 

Bavarian Automotive Technologies is supporting automotive OEM and TIER1 companies in development and testing projects for the next cutting edge e-powertrain and infotainment technologies. 

E-Powertrain & Technical Develpment is our DNA

About BAT

The technical ecosystem around the electrification of vehicles is influencing more and more adjacent systems and creating mutual effects and dependencies.

As a result, there is a growing need to secure these dependencies sustainably and fully, so that the battery and drive system meets the requirements of ISO-26262 and other neccesary standards to remains safe.

The protection of the individual components within the e-system and the influence suscitation on adjacent systems presuppose deep knowledge of the technical processes and algorithms on which the dependencies are built.

BAT employees have many years of expertise in the development of hardware and software for battery management systems, battery charging systems, high-voltage and low-voltage batteries, as well as deep knowledge of the various neighboring systems and environmental influences that affect the electric powertrain and its stability.

This know-how is the necessary basis for the development of test cases, the development of test benches and the automation of test sequences in order to be able to accompany a consistent development and production process from start to finish: 

Already in the case of requirements analysis, as well as in coarse and fine design, the points to be secured are recorded and TestCases are defined at the system, hardware and software level as well as written. Where already possible, automated tests can be developed in the early stages of development, which simplify and accelerate verification and validation in retrospect.


Our Development Engineers

Our development engineers have already designed and developed many different inverters, converters, chargers and battery management systems to series production. Our colleagues have sometimes set new standards. The professional working environment and the constant hunger to make everything a little better, our colleagues always develop new "cutting-edge" technologies.

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