Make your career here - become a BAT Deep Brain           Jobs

What you can expect from us

First of all: Technical callenges in your domain, and asside:

  • Teamwork with high qualified and experienced development engineers (Deep Drains)
  • Flat hirachies and open door policy
  • Clear commitment to sustainability to natural environment and work-life balance which is lived every day
  • Unlimited working contract, 
  • 30 days holiday and a training budget
  • If you have to relocate: we provide accomodation the first month and support you finding one 
  • Home Office, 
  • eCharging for your private car or a Jobticket
  • Governmental Health Insurance,
  • German statutory pension insurance
  • Free office coffee, water and a lot of more pleasentnesses

Our Hiring Process
1. Online Application

Did you find yourself an interesting job? Apply for it online! It does not take more than 10 minutes to apply. Your application will arrive in our Applicant Tracking System. You will receive an automatic response from us immediately and the selection process will begin. It usually takes 6-8 weeks from the application arrival till the hiring decision. 

2. Review your application

Our recruitment team will send the application material of the pre-selected candidates to the professional field for review. Our colleagues will check that your education and professional experience are appropriate for the applied position 

3. Interview

If your professional knowledge is appropriate for the position, we will invite you to a professional interview, usually attended by a professional and a recruiting colleague. For some positions, we may ask for a second-round appointment. If the professional interview was successful, the last step is a conversation with our company’s Managing Director and our Recruiter colleague. Interviews are conducted online through Microsoft Teams.

4. Job Offer

If the application is successful, we will send you a detailed job offer and negotiate the details of your employment contract. Of course, we will contact you even if we are unable to proceed with your application. 

5. Start your Job at BAT

Finally, the time has come to welcome you to the Bavarian Automotive Technologies team. By signing the employment contract, you join a recognized and innovative technology company, where from the very beginning we provide all the support you need to be able to pursue a successful career with us.

“As we continue to grow, we work to build strategies that not only improve employees’ skills and our leadership skills but also our culture. We continuously seek employee feedback to improve, whether that’s one-on-one or in a team huddle.”

Oliver Mangold, Executive Partner

“There is a unique culture of transparency, ownership, enthusiasm and collaboration at BAT, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. Many companies talk about culture, but it’s definitely something you both see — and feel — when you visit our office.”

Guido Bücker, Founder & Managing Director